Book Review: Inside the Nudge Unit

When Richard Thaler wrote about his journey in establishing the field of Behavioural Economics in "Misbehaving", he mentioned about how nudging was brought to the UK. In 2008 just after "Nudge" was published in the US, Thaler was invited to share his work with some Members of Parliament (MPs) from the UK Conservative Party (aka … Continue reading Book Review: Inside the Nudge Unit

Book Review: Misbehaving

In my previous book review, I shared about The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis, which is a biography of two prominent psychologists, Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, and the unique friendship that they shared. Interestingly, the book also introduced how Richard Thaler, coauthor of bestselling book Nudge and the 2017 recipient of the Nobel Memorial … Continue reading Book Review: Misbehaving

Book Review: The Undoing Project

After a 2-month hiatus, I'm back to blogging! But with many other things on my plate, I decided to keep it simple, and do some short reviews of books that I have read recently. We will start with a series of books on decision making psychology and behavioural economics (the type that I love), in … Continue reading Book Review: The Undoing Project