Welcome to The Curious Learner, where we share interesting information and opinion pieces on a wide range of topics in the natural sciences, social sciences and data science. This blog will attempt to share fresh perspectives on familiar topics, encourage discussion to promote common understanding, and hopefully inspire new ideas for the advancement of science and the betterment of our society. Most importantly, this blog aims to uphold the spirit of lifelong learning and to never stop being curious.

The current editor holds an MSc in Cognitive & Decision Sciences from University College London, and a BSocSc in Psychology & Marketing from Singapore Management University. His range of interests spans from knowledge acquired in his education such as decision sciences, human cognition, consumer behaviour and statistical analyses, to disciplines outside of his field such as evolutionary biology, environmentalism, linguistics and culture. His current goal is to learn more about complexity sciences, and he hopes to apply the knowledge in solving the issue of misinformation propagation.